Lodge Brother Begins Military Deployment


     Beginning in October, Howard Lodge No. 101 Brother Jeff Crepeau will deploy to an overseas location while continuing his service to the country within the United States Air Force.  Further details of this mission are being withheld due to military security requirements, though it is anticipated that his deployment will last approximately six months.  Brother Crepeau is currently assigned to Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii, where his wife Beth will remain in his absence.

CLICK HERE to send an email of encouragement to Brother Crepeau.

CLICK HERE to send an email of encouragement to Mrs. Beth Crepeau.

Additionally, there is an ability to send care packages to Brother Crepeau's area of deployment, though transport times may be lengthy.  If you are interested in sending something overseas,CLICK HERE to email the Webmaster and the process can be explained in depth. 

Howard Lodge No. 101 salutes Brother Crepeau for his service to our beloved country, and stands by Beth in support as he leaves her side while on military deployment.    





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